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Somewhere East of Life

  • Mom: Brought you an old set of travel binoculars I found in my desk at work. You want them?
  • Me: Ooh! *grabs them and starts fiddling with them*
  • Mom: Figured you could use them for bird watching...
  • Me: uh huh... *nods distracted while focusing them on wall*
  • Mom: ...or neighbor watching.
  • Me: *while looking through binoculars at ceiling* SPIDER!
  • Mom: *rolls eyes* Only you would use binoculars to track spiders across the ceiling.

a sci-fi fangirl's take on life

Hi! I'm Rhonda (known online as Saifai), and I'm a freelance graphic and website designer. My interests are varied and include much music, television, and movie media, gardening, paranormal, interior design, purple, and chocolate.



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